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Viking Weave Tools and Instruction Kits

Pre-marked 3/8-inch dowel for Viking Weave, $4  (click to purchase)
This product is simply a dowel with 5 lengthwise lines.  It's offered here as a convenience.  If you already have a 3/8-inch wood dowel, the Double Knit Viking Weave Class video explains how to mark it yourself.

Viking Weave Instruction Pack, $90  (click to purchase)
This is for Teachers who have already learned Viking Weave and want to teach their own classes.  A Double Knit Viking Weave class taught by an instructor typically lasts 3 hours or longer.

Description:  One pack of pre-printed class instructions with color illustrations, 20 copies, 10 pages per copy (200 pages total).   Original copyright constraint still applies to these instructions. 

Viking Weave Instructions