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Double Knit Viking Weave Class DVD

Double Knit Viking Weave Class DVD      

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    Description, Reviews, & Technical Information

This class DVD provides professional instruction by Dianna Wennblom on the procedure & art of Viking Weave, a beautiful, traditional wire-working technique to shape wire into a woven tube for bracelets or necklaces.

It is clear, concise, foundational training that enables beginners to craft their first Viking Weave jewelry. It teaches the handheld dowel method, straightforward to learn & portable for travel without requiring soldering or heavy tools.

Refined through experience teaching Viking Weave to hundreds of students, this class anticipates and helps avoid typical problems; and it incorporates smart advice from multiple experts.

The core project is a single or double knit Viking Weave bracelet. Additional details are included for making a necklace or for adding pendant or beads. No prior jewelry-making training is required. The video clearly shows wire handling details of each step, and special diagrams progressively illustrate the weave pattern.

Who needs this class?
1. Anybody who wants to learn to confidently create their own Viking Weave jewelry (also called wire weave, wire knit, or wire chain).
2. Anybody looking for a simple, efficient, detailed process for producing Viking Weave.
3. Wire workers frustrated by confused, inexperienced teachers.

Who doesn't need this class?
Experienced wire workers who have already mastered the basics of Viking Weave should consider purchasing Irene From Petersen's excellent book, "Great Wire Jewelry: Projects & Techniques". Advanced jewelry-making can flourish into infinite, unique directions.

Supplies Required
A list is printed on the DVD case; additional details are provided during class.  Also, experienced wire workers can choose to make their own bracelet clasp & end caps (not included in lessons).

In addition to common jewelry-making and wire wrapping tools, this class requires a 3/8-inch dowel and a Viking Weave draw plate.  The dowel can be made self-made (explained in class) or purchased here. Draw plates are available from several sources on-line or from beading stores. The specific model of draw plate shown in the video is no longer available.

Class Chapters
This 42-minute DVD works in any typical video player.  It plays from beginning-to-end, or specific chapters can be selected.  Display is 4:3 aspect ratio (standard TV), and the class uses English language.


Link to Youtube video


   *  "Very good.  It motivated me to start my project immediately." - Early Reviewer
   *  "Good details.  It covers everything from your class.  This will sell well in our store."  - Shop Owner

Care  -  For longest DVD lifespan

Technical Information

This DVD uses English language and displays  a 4:3 Aspect Ratio.  It's manufactured on high quality DVD-R media.  Estimated lifespan exceeds 75 years when stored at 72 degrees F (room temperature).  DVD is expected to be compatible with 95% of all players, based on write speed, media type, and bit rate.

A standard DVD case is used (approximately 5x7 inches).  

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